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How to maintain Garage Door

Your garage door is very important part of your house. It protect you from hot or cold, it allow to move your car inside of garage, some times it is your house entrace. If garage door is broken you lost your comfort level and if it is locked opened make your house unsecure.

Typical malfunctions and their signs

*Extraneous noise when moving the garage door: knocks, creaks, etc.
Problems of this kind are most often associated with wear or contamination of moving elements of the garage door mechanism: rollers and loops. In the case of sectional garage doors, this can also be a malfunction of the guide system - deformation, foreign objects entering the grooves along which the rollers move, etc. For elimination, cleaning and lubrication of moving parts is recommended.

*Clogged or jammed work of the garage door
Breakages of this type can be associated with a variety of factors: most often they are caused by deformation of the garage door section or one of the rails, as well as the excessive tension of the springs, which are one of the central elements of the mechanism of sectional doors. To solve the problem, it is often sufficient to adjust the tension of the spring, in some cases also the replacement of rollers or loops.

*Broken cable
Garage doors with heavy sections of steel-sandwich panels or with a sections of large dimensions often fail because of cable breakage. This can also be caused by excessive force when using a manuall garage door or a malfunctioning electric garage door opener. The solution is the replacement or repair of the cable.

*Broken spring
Torsion springs are also subject to wear and tear. In addition, the twisted spring can unwind, which leads to a loss of tension. The solution is the spring replacement.

* Deformation of rails
The parallel rails of garage doors often rust or wear out, which can interfere with the correct movement of the garage door, as well as cause breakage of rollers or deformation of sections when applying considerable force. In case of a slight deformation, straightening will help. In case of serious breakdowns, replacement of the failed parts is required.

*Damaged shaft, drums
Shafts and drums of sectional garage doors cannot be repaired. If they fail, they will have to be changed.

*The garage door opens, but does not close
Such problems are most often caused by a malfunction of the sensors that are part of the garage door security system. Sensors should record the presence of obstacles, stopping the movement of the garage door and preventing pinching and injury. Most often the solution is simple adjustment or complete replacement if required to troubleshoot sensors.


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