Blog | Call the Most Trusted Service Provider for Spring Repairs

Call the Most Trusted Service Provider for Spring Repairs:

For every homeowner, garage door problems can create some unexpected and inconvenient situations. For example, you are badly in need of your car but, you cannot get access to your garage because of the broken door spring. Actually, garage door springs can be broken at any time without any prior notice. In such cases, you should definitely seek for the most trusted service for your Garage Door Spring Repair. At Ottawa Garage Door Expert, we have highly skilled technicians who are completely professional to the works. We are highly committed to the agreement we make with our respective clients. For the past years, we have a client satisfaction rate of 100% for every Garage Door Problem.

The way we satisfy our respective clients are:

  • First of all, we make a full inspection of your garage door opener so that we can identify the actual problem regarding the door opener. The problem may be with the opener spring, remote or with the motor. So, it is very important to identify the actual problem first before we start working on it.
  • Almost all the garage doors are installed using 2 springs which work at the same time. If we find out that one spring is totally damaged, then it is very common that the other spring is also near at its date of expire. In such case, it is a better solution that we change both the springs otherwise you may have to call us again to change the 2nd spring within a few days.
  • We always purchase garage door springs from the best brands available in the market. This ensures that you can get the best from us. We never compromise the quality no matter whatever the situation is.

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